Perrys Lookdown and the other side.


Perrys Lookdown near Blackheath Blue Mountains NSW Australia
Perrys Lookdown near Blackheath Blue Mountains NSW Australia.



Perrys Lookdown -  Lookout and Dockers Lookout,

Are just a short walk from the car park which is situated,

Next to the camping area.

From these lookouts you can see,

Grose Valley and the majestic sandstone cliffs

Of Mount Banks and the towering trees

Of the Blue Gum Forest.


Are the mountains really that blue?

I often ask myself this question,

As I glance through some old shots,

Of the Blue Mountains in NSW Australia.

And so on a recent trip up to the mountains,

Perrys Lookdown came to mind.


Driving along the old Hat Hill Rd which is pretty rough and rocky,

But still suitable for 2 wd vehicles,

Those amazing views appeared as we approached the carpark,

And campground at Perrys Lookdown.

Surrounded by tall trees which provide a lot of shade,

The camping grounds have toilets and picnic facilities.


Perrys Lookdown near Blackheath Blue Mountains NSW Australia
Perrys Lookdown near Blackheath Blue Mountains NSW Australia.



I really had to kick myself as I saw that magnificent

Blue Mountains Blue,

Lush green foliage and contrasting tree trunks.

Yes they are really that blue

and here At Perrys Lookdown

 I see and feel the true spirit of the Blue Mountains.


Perrys Lookdown near Blackheath NSW Australia
"Blue Spirit"
Perrys Lookdown near Blackheath NSW Australia.



But there is another side to the mountains,

apart from the spectacular views,

antique shops, restaurants and deli's that serve delicious food.


If you pull back -

"The Lush green curtains and the multi coloured veils of Sunrise and Sunset".


And look to the streets you will see it.

That grumpy old man who runs the nursery or bookstore,

perhaps wishing for a better cash flow or another life.

Chitter, chatter of the young and lonely

and small town gossip

in small town communities.


People who are living in poverty

roam the streets during the day - their faces a glazed mask.


Middle age and Elderly make up the majority of the communities here.


After spending a great deal of my 57 years in this wild and beautiful area,

I can distinguish the tourists and Sydney sider's from the locals.


But life up here is not easy,

and you can see the struggle of the local business's

and the people who tough it out and are just skimming through.

You can see the happiness and satisfaction

reflected on the faces of the ones that have prospered

through sheer hard work, they have made it.

So often I can feel and see the loneliness and despair

in the mountains as well as the contempt

for tourists who disrupt lives and pristine environments.


Do Witches live here? indeed they do,

and not very nice one's, or so I've heard.


A mixed community of artist's and people

struggling to find their way,

or perhaps chasing the true meaning of life.


"Drifting through the snow capped peaks

through the unearthly mist

that winds it's silvery tendrils

through and around that magnificent blue

which lies at the heart of the mountains ."


But it's not the people, the tourist attractions

or shops which make the mountains.

It's the joy and beauty which can be found here,

along with death and desolation.


" It is ancient, it is spirit

as it ebbs and flows

through the mountains and the valleys.

You can hear it whisper

and rustle through the leaves of the tree's

Softly sighing through the water

that rushes down the cliffs.

It reaches inside of you

and rips out your guts, 

As you bow down to the majesty

And grace of that which is the Blue Mountains".




4 thoughts on Perrys Lookdown and the other side.

    • Yes it is John, so beautifully blue, but only at certain times of the day, at certain places and under certain lighting conditions. Sometimes you get paler versions of blue, or blue – greys. I took these shots at about 11.30 in the morning.

    • Thank You Lignum, yes, many different lifestyes, which is why apart from the beauty of the mountains it’s the people too, who make the area such an interesting and vibrant place.