Using Adobe’s Camera Raw

Processing your raw files in Adobe's Camera Raw,

Is much the same as processing them in Lightroom.

There are sliders to use,

And the setup is much the same,

As in Camera Raw but a little different.

I very rarely if never use Photoshop,

And on the odd occasion if I feel that I want to add something

Extra to my image I will use the Nik Collection.

Below is a shot of my finished image,

After processing the raw file in Camera Raw.

fine art photograph of a blue eryngium flower
Fine Art Flower Photograph of a Blue Eryngium Flower.

Below is the Raw File.

I thought this image was a little gloomy with part of the flower in shadow.

So the very first thing I did was use Lens corrections on the image.

Then I checked my histogram and discovered a few blown highlights,

I then proceeded to turn the highlights down just a dash,

The Histogram is still showing blown highlights which is OK.

Because this is how I want my image to look and it will print out beautifully,

Regardless of the blown highlights.

I then proceeded by using the sliders to lift the shadows,

Added a dash of whites and clarity.

I also added a dash of vibrance but no colour saturation.

I may have done a few more things,

But at the moment I can't remember.

I felt this image could use a dash more colour in the flower,

And so we popped into hsl/gray scale and added a dash of blue,

In colour saturation.

Then it was off into Sharpening which I always add just a dash,

And then Luminance, depending on how much noise there is,

I always touch up the noise issue and sometimes I leave a bit.

With Flower Photography there are always a few spots that need

getting rid of and the occasional dust spot or two.

I use the spot removal tool which is on the top left of my screen.

I use this tool on heal and it works really well.

This was an easy image to process, and using Adobe's Camera Raw,

Suits me quite well at the moment.

I didn't find it particularly hard to learn how to use,

But the learning process does take time.

Over a period of time whether you are using Light Room,

Or Camera Raw to process your raw files,

You will get better at it.

Especially if you can manage to check out how too -  videos,

These you can find on You Tube.

This was an easy image to process with not much to do,

Some images require a little extra work,

And some require a bit more thought on how the image should look.

In summary I can honestly say the better your shot in - camera,

The less work there will be in processing your image.

You can never get a bad shot to look great,

It's just a bad shot and needs to be trashed.

4 thoughts on Using Adobe’s Camera Raw

  1. “You can never get a bad shot to look great….” I have found this to be true, despite trying to salvage many a bad shot in post-processing. Love the ethereal quality of your Blue Eryngium.