Caring for the garden in Summer

photograph of a floral arrangement of roses and foliage


Summer has hit with a vengeance.

Temperatures at 40 degrees celcius  and over in Sydney’s greater south west.

Some Flowers and delicate foliage burn and wilt,

Under the fierceness of the Summer sun.


Conifers seem to be faring the best in these humid and hot conditions with minimal water.

I have had to step up my watering routine,

as there hasn’t been enough rain to keep some plants alive.

photograph of a floral arrangement of roses and foliage
“Summer Bouquet”
A Floral arrangement of Roses and Foliage.


With the lack of rain, soil can become WATER REPELLENT.

I have found that the best way to fix this problem is to not let the soil dry out.

If it has and is water repellent the best thing to do is to wet the earth decently,

and poke some deep holes with a stick around the plant,

not too many and not too close to the main stem or trunk,

then saturate the whole area again.

Keep the water up for a couple of days, a really good soaking each time.

Stick to a water twice weekly routine for newly planted and tender plants.


I have been going around the garden and picking the roses,

before the hot summer sun turns them brown.

In hot and humid weather cut flowers don’t last long.

I  re – cut the stems daily,

change the water and make sure is doesn’t drop below the stems.

Daily water misting with a spray gun also helps,

and will keep them cool and fresh.




2 thoughts on Caring for the garden in Summer

  1. Lovely bouquet, Karen. A treat for my winter-weary eyes!
    Soaker hoses are also a help and don’t waste a lot of water, as well as freeing up your time from spending it watering.

    • Thanks Eliza! Soaker hoses don’t work for me, they tend to get clogged up with detritus, and for my garden I would have to buy lots of them and then leave them there, the garden would look so awful. I actually enjoy watering my garden most of the time, as it means I can spend more time just enjoying it.
      Thanks for your comment, have a lovely day.