Red Roses


A glorious start to the New Year

as the weather turns a little towards the cooler side.

We still need a couple of days of heavy rain though,

as the soil is so dry and the amount of rain,

we have had, just isn't enough to penetrate deeply into the soil.



Roses from the garden are really shining now,

Especially "Rosa Avon" which is featured in the image in this post.

Red Roses are the height of Romance and "Avon" has such an Alluring Fragrance.


She was the inspiration for this Photo Shoot.

In each of these shots I have captured different moods through natural lighting,

and processing of the raw image files and named them accordingly.


fine art photograph of red roses in a romantic setting
"On My Way"
Fine Art Photograph of red roses in a romantic setting.


For a distant, far away feel I used the aperture of 1.8 on the prime lens I was using,

and for a little more detail I used the aperture of 5.6,

the black and white photograph was shot -  in camera, on monochrome setting.

There wasn't much processing to be done on each of these images,

just enough to bring out the different moods,

as well as accentuating the light as it hit the leaves of the Red Roses.


For better view and to see the full collection of images from this shoot,

see my gallery - new images!


May your brand New Year be filled with Light.

Happy Shooting!




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