Just a little longer

Ben and I have a love of being in the garden early in the morning before the sun rises. He sits quietly and watches me as I wander through the beds searching for new developments with my plants. A lot of my roses have succumbed to the heat with burnt petals, and quite a few plants have been attacked by Bugs.

With some of my shots I use a tripod, but a lot of the time I don't, as the position required for a particular shot is just unattainable with a tripod. Fortunately the weather has been nice and still, early in the morning and I can get some of those hand held shots in. Using a wide aperture and fast shutter speed. It is helpful to have something to lean on or against for support to prevent camera shake and as my macro lens doesn't have VR - Vibration Reduction, I really need support and this usually comes in the way of a fence, or squatting down and using my knees for support.

fine art photograph of a purple rose

"Just A Little Longer"
Purple rose in the garden.

After doing the garden rounds I was ready to go inside, but Ben looked at me as if to say - already! So I checked the time and I still had a few minutes to spare. I'm glad I stayed to capture this shot of one of my purple roses in the back yard hence the title -

"Just A Little Longer"




Sunset at Sugarloaf Point NSW

nature photograph of autumn leaves at mount wilson blue mountains

fine art abstract flower photograph of red alstroemeria petals

Fine art landscape photograph of a country road surrounded by lush gardens at mount wilson blue mountains australia

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