Glory Days – Spangled snowlight and mountains high…..

Glory Days

We have had our glory day's you and I

Travelling those wondrous roads nearby

Daring those forgotten streams

Spangled snow light, is now just a dream

Mountains high and valley's low

We found our way through mornings glow

Ghostly whispers touched my soul

In those day's so long ago

How I wish for those day's again

For those glory days to never end

For a dream to follow through

Two hearts, just me and you

I see it now, those mountain blues

From our balcony, we admire the views

How I hope and how I pray

That someday, we will find our way

Back to those mountains high and low

To bask forever in that Blue Mountain glow

Wistful dreams of things forgotten

Those Glory Days

I visit often.


fine art flower photograph of nandina flowers
"Days Of Glory"
Nandina "Obsession" Flowers.

Sunset at Sugarloaf Point NSW

fine art abstract flower photograph of red alstroemeria petals

nature photograph of autumn leaves at mount wilson blue mountains

Fine art landscape photograph of a country road surrounded by lush gardens at mount wilson blue mountains australia

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