Putting Your All Into It

fine art flower photograph of pink daisies

"Pink Daisies"

Fine Art Flower Photography.



Every now and again I hear or read about Landscape Photographers

complaining that they can't sell their photography as prints.

Other Photographers are - Why not me!

This is where the Putting your all into it comes into play.

You must make a decision and choose which is the most important to you.

I want to make a good living from my photography

To earn a decent wage from Photography, there are various ways of doing it,
One way is to start your own business, host Photography tours and teach classes. Advertise yourself as a Photographer.

I want to earn a living selling prints of my Photography

This is a hard road to travel and can be done in a number of ways. To cut down to the chase,

you must be prepared to put your all into this one, and if Landscapes are your thing,

travelling for those awe inspiring shots is a must. People want to see New, Unusual and Unexplored.

Setting up a proper website with a shop, Advertising and the list goes on.

This can take quite a lot of time to accomplish as well as building up a good reputation.

Most importantly the single biggest mistake a Photographer can make, is not focusing on their goals,

or not having specific goals, or perhaps spreading themselves too thinly and not being able to put the right amount of effort into any one -  particular thing.
Licensing and Stock Photography can bring you a few extra dollars but it won't bring in a great wage. Most up-coming young Photographers already know this in today's extremely competitive market, and are making a good living from a variety of sources, but their main income comes from tours and classes.

"Photography is so competitive now - everyone's doing it and trying to sell it"

From the Professional to the Amateur and then on down to the average person.

There are quite a few ways to sell your prints, and one way is to mount or frame them and set up a stall in one of your local marketplaces on a regular basis. I've done this and believe me, it's a hard old slog. If you have some money to spare perhaps setting up your own Gallery might sound tempting, but please do a lot of research into this because there are risks involved, mainly financial.

I think the single Biggest thing you need to focus on here is, not so much - what You want to Photograph, but What Sort of Photographs are going to sell. Think about what you or other people would like to see hanging on a wall. For example - I see a lot of work that is really great stuff but just doesn't sell, mainly because it is too dark. People want to be able to see it close up and from a distance as well. These are things you really need to think about.

In today's society where anyone can get a great shot from their phone camera, the Photographer needs to be one step ahead!
Are You!

Stick to your guns, focus on your dreams and don't let anyone tell you - You Can't Do It.
Have faith and believe in yourself,

Because there are going to be people who will want to keep you down and prevent you from being and becoming what you want to be.

"There is nothing more satisfying than accomplishing something, which you have set out to achieve"

I've written this post today hoping to give you a glimpse of a few ideas about selling your Photography and making money from it.

 I also hope, that in this post I have Inspired you, Motivated you, and most importantly, helped to steer you in the right direction.

Happy shooting


Sunset at Sugarloaf Point NSW

Fine art landscape photograph of a country road surrounded by lush gardens at mount wilson blue mountains australia

nature photograph of autumn leaves at mount wilson blue mountains

fine art abstract flower photograph of red alstroemeria petals

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