Wind Eroded Cave




It's a gloriously beautiful sunny day in Sydney - well it was a couple of days ago when I first started to write this post, so I will just stick with this for now because it sounds so good. Today is rather overcast, a dash humid with slight patches of sun. But lets get back to the Gloriously Beautiful day in Sydney.

A cool ocean breeze wafts through the curtains bringing with it that wonderful salty spray fragrance mingled with rose and lavender scents. On just such a day as today, which was a couple of days of ago, I found myself at The Wind Eroded Cave which is located near Blackheath in the Blue Mountains Australia.

Walking down the slight track that led to the cave feeling such excitement at wandering through another cave, I was a bit disappointed by what I discovered when I reached the site, yet I was Utterly Amazed at what I saw. It was large and utterly humungous, more of a large overhang which was shaped slightly like a wave, as a matter of fact it was so big I couldn't get back far enough to photograph the whole thing.

This open sandstone cave which has been weathered by the elements, features amazing honeycomb like formations in it's structure.

I featured an image on the Wind Eroded Cave on my previous post, here are a couple more.



Sunset at Sugarloaf Point NSW

fine art abstract flower photograph of red alstroemeria petals

Fine art landscape photograph of a country road surrounded by lush gardens at mount wilson blue mountains australia

nature photograph of autumn leaves at mount wilson blue mountains

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