On The Edge


This is a themed post about

The Edge.



Going through some of my old and not so old shots,


nature photograph of oyster shells on a rock
Oyster shells on the edge of a rock Circular Quay Sydney.


I have discovered that I like to Photograph Nature, Landscapes etc that are on the edge,


Part of the grand arch at jenolan caves nsw
Part of the Grand Arch at Jenolan Caves NSW. Taken leaning at a most awkward angle on the top edge of a step on the way down from a hike through one of the caves.



Or me, in a lot of cases - being on the edge.

nature photograph of a silver gull at garie beach
Silver Gull  walking along the edge of Garie Beach NSW.




Not actually me in the photograph, but me being on the edge of something,

To take the shot.

ocean view taken from sugarloaf point lighthouse seal rocks nsw
Taken peering through the top railing on the edge of Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse at Seal Rocks NSW.



Sometimes to get that shot you have to move just that little bit closer to

nature photograph of the wind eroded cave just near blackheath nsw
Taken on the edge of a rock ledge on the Wind Eroded Cave NSW Australia.




landscape photograph taken in the Blue Mountains nsw
Blue Mountains NSW Australia. Sometimes you can just zoom into the edge, without having to get too close.



Mountain Tops and Cliff edges I have been on, and very close to the edge.


fine art landscape photograph taken in the blue mountains nsw
This is an old shot taken in the Blue Mountains NSW Australia, just can't quite remember where.



After these trips I usually suffer nightmares about falling off, or over the edge.

Landscape photograph blue mountains nsw
Blue Mountains NSW Australia



Now I don't get too close, and those awful nightmares have ceased.

nature photograph of a cat sitting on a fence
Cat sitting on the edge of a fence.



Well, lets just say to get that shot sometimes I don't even think about it, but still get just too close to......

The Edge.





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