Starting out in Photography

photograph of a common crow butterly on the plant duranta repens


Common Crow Butterfly


Butterflies aren’t really my thing, and I don’t like bugs or spiders either,

which may seem rather odd coming from a Gardener.

But Butterflies are really lovely to see in the garden,

the way they flitter from plant to plant and of course some have such beautiful colours.

When I first started out in Photography,

this Common Crow Butterfly was one of the first on my list of things to capture.

I remember dragging my tripod and camera up our steep driveway,

and standing there all set up, waiting for this Butterfly to be quite still.

I think I waited for quite some time and took quite a few shots,

Some ok and some rather blurry, this one was one of the best.

Since then I focused a lot on Bird Photography using a 300mm lens.

Photographing animals requires a lot of patience and I have quite a few good bird shots,

But animal Photography doesn’t really appeal to me, mainly because I am not a very patient person,

or terribly interested in bugs or birds.

When you first start out in Photography I would advise you to practise taking photographs,

of everything, trying to become proficient at whatever you are shooting.

This is how I started out and finally focused on shooting what I love and have a passion for.

Taking shots, travelling around and getting the gist of your camera,

experimenting using different settings, filters all helps to you to develop your skills.

Shooting inside as well as outside, early morning,

Late afternoon and the so called dreaded Middle Of The Day.

Doing all this can – after a few years, and yes it will take a few years of fun trial and error,

allow you time to grasp the whole concept of Photography, both the technical side,

and the creative side, it will also help you to decide exactly what type of Photography,

you want to focus on, and from there you can develop your own particular style.

Your way of shooting, and processing your images.






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