Beautiful Roses

Photography of beautiful pink flowers of rosa sceptre'd isle in the garden


Rosa Sceptre’d Isle

A beautiful highly fragrant, Pink, David Austin English Rose and,

One of my favourite roses in the garden, not only for it’s delicious pink colour,

But also for it’s fragrance, and good repeat flowering.

Roses are tough plants and are well suited for humid free climates,

They can with –  stand periods of dry spells quite well, but really prefer moderate watering.

In Sydney we suffer from quite high humidity which can bring on black spot and other rose diseases.

I suffer through these bad periods with my rose’s simply because I love them so much.

They bring me such great pleasure and make such wonderful cut flowers for the vase.

Rose’s to me are a symbol of Romance, Softness, Purity and Joy, especially the pink and red roses.

These are my favourites simply because I am at heart a romantic person.


photograph of the brilliant orange rosa voodoo
Rosa Voodoo


I have but one Orange Rose in the garden and it is my Husband’s favourite rose – Rosa Voodoo.

When he saw the first few flowers on Voodoo the other day, he was so delighted – pointing at them with a big grin on his face.

I have to say that I am quite fond of Voodoo as well for it’s brilliant orange, red, and yellow tones.

Sporting a strong fragrance, this rose also makes a good cut flower.

Orange and Yellow colours are happy, vibrant and outgoing colours, they can really lift your spirits when you need a boost.

For a happy bright and cheerful garden plant lots of Orange and Yellow flowers, and brightly coloured foliage plants.




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