The Garden In Spring

Bright yellow foliage of Abelia Kaleidoscope in the garden in Spring

Abelia Kaleidoscope is one of my favourite plants,

Both for it’s lovely bright yellow and green foliage tipped with red,

Soft sprays of creamy white flowers adorn the bush in late Winter to early Spring.



I was up early this calm Spring morning and shot this section of my front garden,

With Nikons 55-300mm zoom lens, early morning and late evening are ideal times for garden Photography.



Other plants in this shot are Nandina Fire Power, Dianella Silver Streak,

Rosa Scepter’D Isle, and Oleanders in the background.

I like to add a few ornaments in my garden for extra visual interest,

As well as mixing in foliage plants with flowers.



My gardens are very much always a work in progress, so there are always a few gaps to be filled.

Sometimes plants die out, or I may want to replace a plant due to lack of interest or other reasons.

My garden has it’s glory days, and then like other gardens falls into a remission where work needs to be done.

Plants need pruning, or replacing and yes gaps, but gaps are good,

As  they allow me to walk freely amongst my plants,

Without treading on any.







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