Flower Photography is my main passion, but when I am out I also love to Photograph what's around me.

Anything from wildflowers to land and seascapes and also nature.

There are so many things to see if you take the time to really look.

Textures of rock and bark, crunchy leaves underfoot.

Sounds of wildlife and the delicious woody fragrance of lush forests.

Below is a small selection of Nature images.

Iridescent Cloud
Maple Leaves
Rainbow over Jamieson Valley
Coleus Leaves
Maple Leaves
"Autumn Colour"
Colourful Bark
Rose Leaves
"Green Leaves"
"Rushes 2"
"Purple Splendour"
"The Light"
Blue Lake
"Follow Me"
"Light Of Day"
"Jenolan Caves"
Rocks at Garie Beach
Weeping Rock
Caressing Me Softly
Looking Up
Noisy Miner
Silver Gull
Silver Gull
Crimson Rosella
Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
Snow Gum
Bridal Veil Falls
Algae on Tree Trunks Narrow Neck Trail
Wynnes Rocks
Silver Gull